StartUp Adventures

At First One Adventures we realized that teaching, has to be done differently if we are to address the skills gap between what the current curriculum and what is needed in the world of work. Learners need to be equipped with creative, innovative and critical thinking skills in order to gain a comparative edge, in an education system served of innovative thinking.

We see entrepreneurial education as a process of developing core skills and mindsets, such as action orientation, creativity, problem solving and social consciousness.

The Start Up Programme aims to inspire and instill a different way of thinking in young people. What thinking are we referring to? See an opportunity kind of thinking. Seeing an opportunity simple means, using your surroundings to your advantage, it is this type of thinking that will help young people to pursue entrepreneurship.

Our Learning Approach

Our programme is structured through 5-10 session of intensive learning, that seeks to challenge learners to think outside the box, provide innovate solutions and creativity to solve challenges, they face. We use an adventure approach as a learning platform. This can be achieved at our designated training studio, through a class room approach and through our exciting 3 days adventure camp.

School’s StartUp Adventures

We offer schools an opportunity to allow our team to set up training at your school. This runs over 5 days, which schools would prefer to have this offered as an extra mural activity on an after school for 2-3 hour session, once a week over 5 years (or as the school desires).

Contact our programme coordinator Jack at 0818383619 or to get more information about having the Start Up Adventures School programme offered at your school or follow the link to fill our our request form.

2018 Start Up Adventures Camps


First One Adventures will be running 15 Start Up Adventures Camp this year. Be part of the exciting movement! This programme has a strong focus on instilling an entrepreneurial culture in the Youth. This will be achieved through our fun learning interactive seasons followed by a fun outdoor adventure camp. We see this skill necessary for the Youth as it inspires innovation, creativity and problem solving. Our pre & post camp programme gives students an opportunity to further explore the subject matter and connect them to current young successful entrepreneurs and career driven professionals.

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