About Us

We offer ground breaking ADVENTURE tours and camps for young people and corporate organisation.

Coaching Adventure

Our Life Coaching Adventure program is offered to Schools and universities. We are all about going outdoors, getting dirty, exploring and building oneself holistically.  Our program offers a platforms for individuals to experience adventure, go beyond limits at the same time be equipped with necessary life skills and life coaching. Programs offered under our life coaching division are:

  • Start Up Adventures (A program designed to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset)
  • Freshmen Alive (A weekend camp to bridge the gap between High School and University)
  • Stand Up and Take Action (Leadership Camp for school learners leadership)
  • Bush Kids (Environmental and nature conservation camp at the Kruger National Park)
  • Super Charge (Career guidance camp for High Schools)

 All these programs have been tailored with students in mind so that your adventure need not break your bank accounts.

Our business is adventure and our passion giving clients value for their money.


To influence a positive mindset and thinking among young people.


We provide camping experiences designed to equip our clients with essential life skills and coaching, in a safe educational environment.


Our objectives are to interact with high school learners through tours and camping. First One Adventures’ coaching program aim at giving learners essential life skills that are not taught in classrooms but are necessary for their personal development. We aim to create lasting change in communities by giving our customers opportunities to explore their Country and other nations. But not only that, our program is designed to give learners guidance and mentoring.